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"The egg drop soup is the best in town, heck the best I’ve ever had."
Kara via Facebook

The egg

drop soup was 


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The egg
drop soup is the best in town, heck the best I’ve ever had.
Kara via Facebook

"This is my favorite Asian restaurant ever!! We feel like family!!!!"

Neva Witt via Facebook

"Best Chinese food ever! I always go running to Taipei when I'm in Fort Smith."


Kristen via Facebook

"The cashew chicken was perfectly battered, so tender, and the gravy definitely fresh and not from a can or jar. No need for using soy sauce here. The food is tasty enough."

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"I've been eating here since I was in high school. Good food at great prices. The friendly waitresses are a bonus."


Dave Morgan via Facebook

"I keep trying to take a pic of my food, but I eat it all before I can reach my phone. If I could live off the ragoons, I would."

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